The Quill

A dormant volcano, having last erupted around 400 AD, the Quill is home to eight vegetation zones and offers relatively easy hiking along cool, shaded trails. You can explore the crater's lush vegetation, look for wild epiphytic orchids along the rim, or even hike the entire exterior slopes. It never gets boring; there's always something new and interesting to see. The highest point is Mazinga Peak at 600m above sea level.

Majestic natural beauty

It only takes about an hour to the reach the rim, where you can sit at the lookout and enjoy breathtaking views of the crater below

The Quill boasts an almost perfectly formed crater - photos do not do it justice

Moist conditions in the crater allow moss and lichen to grow in abundance

Again, photos cannot do this huge tree justice. Silk cotton (Ceiba pentandra) and fig (Ficus sp.) grow together in the crater

Sunrise at Panorama Point

Lush vegetation in the Quill includes elephant ears (Philodendron giganteum) and Philodendron vines

Stunning view of the island from Panorama Point


The limestone cliffs and views of White Wall, on the south western flank of the Quill