Signal Hill

A truly historical hike, Signal Hill offers views of the island like no other. Here you can explore no less than three forts/batteries and marvel at the huge old cannons that lie on the ground. Signal Hill is also home to the largest population of Statia's only endemic plant, Statia Morning Glory. Be sure to visit between December and March to catch this beautiful vine in full bloom.

View of the Quill and western side of the island

Ready for the next battle? These formidable cannons probably weigh up to a ton each

Cisterns were, and still are, used to collect rainwater

Look carefully and you will find four orchid species along the trail (L to R: Epidendrum ciliare, Psychilis correllii, Tolumnia urophylla, Tetramicra canaliculata)

Sunrise on Signal Hill

Another cannon and view of the eastern side of Statia, including the air strip

One day the heavens literally opened

Fort Panga

Vegetation is dry but still has its own beauty (left: Krameria ixine; right: fruit of Melocactus intortus)

Statia Morning Glory (Ipomoea sphenophylla), Statia's only endemic plant, in full bloom